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It was 1977,by the sea, under the historical castle of Kassiopi , Kyros family decided to turn their taste and love for cooking to a small taverna based on the tradition quality and the asronishing scenery. Today you can experience the same love, taste and upgraded services in a luxurious enviroment with garden, verandas and spacious car parking.


Kastro is open all day and more specifically it really worth's one visit it in order to enjoy the majestic sunset combined by the qualitative and economic dishes or a refreshing cocktail.

The view of the sea is a combination of the natural landscape and the history that give the suitable calm with the music to travel you in a world of senses.

The mid-day campaigns give an occasion for a visit to one of the three beaches that surround the place, with the natural rocks to supplement the landscape.

In Kastro we wait for you in the two specifically made areas either for fast food and coffee or for dinner with the special cooked traditional and international dishes.

The Greek element is here with traditional nights and if somebody wishes to enjoy the sunsets then might as well stay, after notification, in the studios that Kyros family allocates and supplement the conducted tour in Kassiopi having experienced the "Greek hospitality". kassiopi_restaurant

Kassiopi , Corfu, Greece
Tel: (+30)26630-81045, Home Tel: (+30)26610-32110
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